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2022 Home Staging Industry Statistics

Provided by The International Association of Home Staging Professionals- the World's Largest and longest-running industry trade association.


Overall, in today's market, average houses that are Staged sell 5-11 times FASTER than average priced houses that are not Staged. There are markets where "anything sells" if it put on the market, and there is money being left on the table that we will discuss in the pricing section.


50% of the Staged properties in our survey sold for 6% or MORE over list with nearly 9% selling for 15-20% over list.

Staged houses are often listed at the TOP of the acceptable range for comparable properties, versus non-Staged properties are listed in the midlow part of the acceptable range. From the start, Staged properties are listed for more - and then when they sell for even MORE than list, it means the seller is netting far more in the sale than if they just put it on the market as is.

This is where it gets EXCITING. The data we collected proves houses that are Staged sell for MORE than the non-Staged competition.

From $5,000 more to over $150,000 with stagers reporting increases of $300K-$500K after Staging. Nearly 30% of respondents shared their Staged properties sold for $100K or more! These properties were not listed at a low starting point. They were listed at prices on par with how they looked (Staged) and for the market, and because they looked and felt so great to Buyers, they sold for far more than anticipated.

Pro-Stagers make an IMPACT in the sale and help Sellers and Realtors make more money.

The BENEFIT to the SELLER is unquestionable. They NET MORE in the sale of their property when it is Staged. Sellers need ALL the money from the Sale, not just "some" of the potential profit.

Listing Agents make MORE too! Multiply these numbers by the number of houses an average agent lists and sells annually, and the added income ADDS UP! 20 houses per year at $500K price: $3,000-$60,000 MORE in INCOME to the agent. 20 houses per year at $750K price: $4,500-$90,000 MORE in INCOME to the agent.

The question is....WHY aren 't ALL house Staged?

Do not wait, get in touch with our award winning home staging team today and take advantage of our FREE design consultation! Call or Text: 949-235-6641.

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