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6 Great Features to Consider for a Bathroom Remodel

There’s no doubt that remodeling can be expensive and that it’s important to plan your budget accordingly. But I’ve always felt that if there’s one room that begs for a budget splurge, it’s the primary bathroom.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels, when executed well, can add value to a home. However, the best reason to splurge on a primary bathroom remodel is not for some future buyer, but for yourself. Having a private getaway in your home to relax and rejuvenate yourself is invaluable.

1. Knockout Backsplash

A vanity backsplash is perhaps the best and most visible area in a bathroom to make a stylish impact. Adding patterned tile that goes all the way to the ceiling adds instant drama. The white linear pattern on the tiles creates a celestial feeling and provides stark contrast to the walnut cabinets.

2. Linen Cabinets

Adding a linen cabinet inside your primary bathroom is a convenient feature that my clients love — it’s so nice to grab a fresh, fluffy towel without having to leave the room.

The vanity in this bathroom by Click Architects was cleverly designed with an integrated linen cabinet hutch. It blends in seamlessly with the paneled wood soffit above.

3. Dramatic Lighting

While adding functional light in a bathroom is essential, if you want your bathroom to go beyond merely functional, adding dramatic lighting is key.

The statement chandelier hung over this bathtub adds a a major wow factor. We also love how the drapery and the arch frame the fixture, immediately drawing your eye to it.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving isn’t just for kitchens. It’s also popping up in bathroom remodels to provide easy access to essentials like cotton balls and swabs.

It’s also a great way to create that “shelfie” moment with houseplants and decorative objects, as seen in this bathroom by Signature Designs Kitchen | Bath | Interiors. The floating shelves in a natural wood are a warm touch against the black-and-white floral wallpaper.

5. Heated Towel Bars

What’s dreamier than stepping out of the tub or shower and wrapping yourself in a pre-warmed towel? Heated towel bars have been popular in Europe for years and are finally becoming more mainstream in the U.S.

Here’s an example of one in a Seattle bathroom by Heliotrope Architects. It’s one of those things that you’ll wonder how you lived without once you’ve experienced it.

Heated towel bars do have to be planned at the beginning stage of a remodel to make sure the appropriate electrical connections are in place.

6. Makeup Vanity

If you’ve got the room for it, having a sit-down area for putting on makeup is a really nice feature. In this bathroom by Innovative Construction, the vanity is tucked away in a corner next to the shower, with an adorable ruffled vanity chair and enough storage to contain the cosmetics clutter.

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