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9 Wonderful Ways With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is hot. Homeowners are asking about it, designers are ordering it and manufacturers are producing it in ever-growing options of pattern and color. It doesn’t matter if your home is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, wallpaper can add instant style and drama to any interior. Read on to discover tips on where to add wallpaper and which types to use to make the greatest impact in your home.

1. Make an Entrance

There might be no better way to make a bold design statement from the moment you open the front door than by adding wallpaper to an entryway.

2. Stairway to (Design) Heaven

Wallpaper can tie together a staircase and foyer to create a more pulled-together, tailored look. The wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for the antique curio cabinet and the carved newel post.

Pro tip: Many of today’s wallpaper manufacturers can make the scale of their prints larger or smaller to ensure the proportions are correct for the space.

3. Line the Insides of Display Shelving

Sometimes cabinets with glass doors or no doors that are used to display serveware or other objects need a bit more oomph. What better way to do that than by adding wallpaper with a distinct pattern? This simple geometric wallpaper adds a fun touch but doesn’t compete with the backsplash.

4. Paper the Powder Room

As the primary bathroom for guests, powder rooms are a great place to impress. One can often select materials at a higher price point for a powder room because of the smaller amount of square footage. The green malachite wallpaper in this powder room sets a moody tone, finished with a walnut vanity and sculptural teardrop pendant lights.

5. Be Bold With Botanicals and Floral Prints

Large, bold and colorful botanical and floral prints are having a design moment, yet they’re still classic enough to stand the test of time.

Who doesn’t love a good palm leaf wallpaper like the one used in this powder room by Carmit Oron Interior Design. It pairs well with the natural wood vanity but can also handle the dressier gold finishes.


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