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Great Ways To Decorate With Plants

Whether at home or in the office - you can never underestimate the importance of having plants as part of your daily living space. In fact, when we are working with clients, it is never an issue of deciding whether the space should include plants, but rather which plants are right for the space that I'm decorating and the people who live in it.

There are any number of reasons to include a healthy dose of plant life in any and every room of your home - including your actual health. Beyond their aesthetic value, having plants in your home reduces toxins in the air, and improves air quality to say nothing of the many and varied aromatherapy benefits that particular plants can have. These benefits range from lowering blood pressure to energizing the mind and even encouraging deeper and more healthful sleep.1 Numerous scientific studies have proven that plants are especially beneficial for those who are ill, assisting in the lowering of stress levels among long-term patients.2 The consensus is clear: bringing green plant life into your home literally adds life into the space.

Floor Plants

One of the best things about plants is the versatility that they offer in terms of scale. They can be small enough to accent a tiny desk or small, open shelving, or they can be large enough to command floor space of their own. And if you have a room that has too little green and too much empty space, a floor plant can be just the right solution. So take a look around your home. The next time you notice that you have an empty corner, and the space just doesn’t feel complete, you might not need to fill it up with more furniture. A floor plant could be the missing ingredient that completes the room while bringing a new sense of freshness to the decor. It’s important to remember, however, that plants are living things. So there are a few things to consider before turning your favorite room into a floor plant’s new home.


Orchids are a long-standing go to flower among stylists and interior designers because of their sculptural silhouettes and bright, engaging colors. No matter where you place them in a room setting, they make a statement that draws the eye and brightens the room, and with good care they can last a long time.

Use a Cart or Bench

So simple! I love how they styled this cart. If you have an extra surface without much goin’ on, try adding tons of plants and making it a beautiful, lively little plant shrine.

Macramé Plant Hangers

Adding hanging plants in an interior can make things really pop, since it’s unexpected and adds a new layer to your decor. This dip-dyed version is basically perfect!

Book Shelves

Yes, bookshelves are for books, but if you want your bookshelves to look like they belong in a magazine versus a library, you should add a few small plants. They will add great color and texture to your shelves, and bring life to your decor.

Quirky, Unique Pots

Pots are easily available in a variety of sizes, you can choose beautiful pots like ceramic pots, designer pots or you can customize existing pots by painting them. It’s a brilliant way to bring in your touch and integrate decoration in plants and vice versa.


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