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Inspiring Decor Tips to Make Your Patio the Outdoor Area You've Always Wanted

Affordable ways to make your space stand out, regardless of its size.

Don't worry if embarking on a major renovation isn't a priority for you in the near future. You can still craft a stylish and comfortable space without breaking the bank, and your patio is a great place to start. From arranging vertical gardens to choosing the right furniture and lighting, a well-decorated patio can make all the difference.

Swing Chair

Any patio can benefit from a playful piece of furniture, like a swing chair crafted of materials such as rattan or wicker.

Place a Rug Under Your Dining Table

Rugs never fail to make a design scheme feel more cozy. Bring a dose of comfort to your patio setup by placing a graphic rug under your dining table set. Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed.

Add a Flower Box to the Fence

If you've had enough of your drab fence, turn it into a conversation starter with a simple flower box.

Go Big With Pillows

Oversized pillows can hide any unforgiving marks or nicks in your furniture. Just keep in mind that you'll likely want them all to be the same shade or pattern to help bring the room together. Stick With a Theme

Sticking with one specific theme helps create a comfortable and cohesive space for you and your guests.

Hang an Instant Green Wall Floating plants are like a gallery wall for the outdoors! Attach flat-backed planters to the slats using zip ties or small hooks. Include plant, flower, and herb varieties for maximum interest.

Hang String Lights

A set of twinkly lights turns any outdoor space (even a tiny one!) into an ideal spot for entertaining.

Hang Paper Lanterns

Enjoy an evening outdoors by illuminating your patio with paper lanterns. Layer them with candlelight to make your outdoor oasis really shine.

Amp Up Accessories

Simple yet stylish accessories, like a woven tray for serving cocktails and easy desserts, is a must-have for an inviting patio.

Snag a Foldable Umbrella

Celebrate the arrival of warm weather with a foldable umbrella that will instantly make your space feel chicer.

Bring on the plants

There may be plenty of foliage outside already, but use it strategically in your entertaining area. Plants are a simple way to liven things up and make your modest space feel like an exotic retreat.

Get ready for a summer full of outdoor entertaining!

Source: Good House Keeping

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