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Get to Know the Team Behind Passionate Palette Home Staging

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Affie and Melody Setoodeh, the dynamic mother and daughter duo behind Passionate Palette Staging have taken the Southern California Real Estate market by storm. Affie has been an active Real Estate Agent and Broker for over two decades, winning award after award and impacting the lives of many clients. Through her passion for getting the best value for her clients, she started making small design changes, changing furniture, color consulting, and decluttering the homes of her clients, to get it ready for the market. Slowly, she realized the impact that basic decluttering, reorganizing, painting, and decorating was having on the deals she was closing and as a result, she established her second business, Passionate Palette Home Staging in 2013. Since then, she's been offering complimentary home staging services to her Real Estate clients and working with hundreds of agents in the area to help them sell their listings faster and for top dollar.

Affie & Melody.

In 2020, her creative and charismatic daughter, Melody, joined the team. Since her joining, Melody has helped countless clients create more welcoming, beautiful, and functional spaces. Melody is hard working, professional, and has a natural eye for design. Both Affie and Melody fully understand the transformative nature of good home staging and are dedicated to helping many agents and homeowners in the area get the most value for their home or listing. Today, the Passionate Palette team has an impeccable inventory of trendy and high quality home furnishings and decor along with access to a network of home improvement and moving professionals.

Contemporary living room design from one of our projects in Downtown Los Angeles.

In conclusion...

If you are looking for a professional home staging team that puts your needs first, you've come to the right place! We prioritize the needs of our clients, and go above and beyond to ensure their complete satisfaction with the job. With many awards under our belt and hundreds of positive customer reviews, we are the right team for the job.

Be sure to check our extensive portfolio on our website or our Houzz page. If you have any questions about home staging, take advantage of our free design consultation today.

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